About Us:

The John A. Parks Company, Inc. traces its roots back to 1914. Founded by John A. Parks Sr. the company has continuously provided insurance for its clients for nearly 100 years. John A Parks Company is proud of the fact that it now has its fourth generation of the family involved in the tradition of providing insurance service to its clients.

The company’s involvement with the Direct Selling Business segment started in the early 1980s with marketing to distributorships nationwide. Our Company has successfully been able to carve out special product offerings for the Distributors of many major Direct Selling Companies.

By being involved with the Distributors and their Independent Sellers we recognize that the coverage for the Independent Representatives was either very expensive or nonexistent.

We found that the direct selling industry was not fully understood by the insurance market place.

We have now been able to put together a special opportunity for the Independent Seller to protect them against catastrophic losses for nominal cost with broad policy coverages.

We are pleased to offer this important insurance opportunity to the Independent Direct Seller knowing that we have special insurance products that fulfill a much needed void in the Independent Sellers Business environment.

We know that this insurance coverage will help to protect the independent Seller and allow them to maximize their business opportunities. You can enroll by simply selecting the enrollment button on the Home page and follow the directions to get this valuable coverage for your direct selling endeavors.